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04_kOur work as Youth Delegates is made up of two main parts :
1) we tour through Germany to engage with a large variety of young people and
2) we attend the United Nations General Assembly and the Commission on Social Development  where we speak on behalf of Germany’s youth.

Tour through Germany

Before attending the General Assembly we conduct a tour of schools, universities and youth-ledorganisations in order to gain our mandate to represent Germany’s young people at the UN. On this tour, we have a wide range of activities that educate young people on domestic and international political processes, consult youth from diverse backgrounds on their views on UN topics, and gather ideas for input to UN discussions.

We participate in discussions, workshops and give speeches on topics such as education, globalization, environment and youth participation in many different cities all over the country. These topics reflect issues, which especially effect young people and have therefore been defined by the UN World Action Programme for Youth (WPAY) as world youth topics.

The objective of our tour through Germany is to capture the local and global concerns of young people. To us, it is of great importance to also engage with disadvantaged youth who are marginalized and come from adverse backgrounds. Thereby, we strive to give the vulnerable members of our community a voice at the UN.

What we do in New York

We accompany the German delegation to the UN General Assembly (UNGA) and to the Commission on Social Development (CSocD) . At United Nations, we are official members of the German delegation and have a so-called advisor status.

We draft and deliver a statement on an issue relating to youth to the Third Committee of the General Assembly and to the Commission on Social Development. In collaboration with the Permanent Missions of Germany we organise a side event to provide information about the youth perspective on one of the meeting’s agenda topics and to further promote youth participation and input.

By attending official meetings, informal negotiations, side events and social events, we have the possibility to give input to deliberations about youth issues, such as to the resolution on ‘policies and programmes involving youth’ of the General Assembly.

After New York

On our return to Germany we share our experiences through educational workshops and talks to diverse audiences, including national decision-makers. Thereby we want to ensure that UN youth-related resolutions are not daydreams but political commitments that need to be put into action in national legislation.

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  1. Hello
    Congratulations on your great work as UN Youth Delegates!
    I am Henri from Burkina Faso and I initiated the International Youth Forum on Culture of Peace, in partnership with UNESCO and Religions for Peace International. I am also a KONRAD-ADENAUER-STIFTUNG scholar since 2013 as well as a Mandela Washington Fellow and former Delegate to the Youth Assembly at the United Nations.
    For the time being, I am advocating to implement the UN Youth Delegate Programme in Burkina Faso starting from the 2018 UN General Assembly. So, I have been in touch with the UN Youth Delegate Focal Point at the UN, Mr Simon Paul and colleagues, who sent me reference texts for guiding me. And in the guidebook, I learnt about Germany Youth Delegate Programme and I read that each year, you wish to support the participation of delegates from an African country to the UN General Assembly.
    Then, I am reaching you to know if your institution would kindly like to accept to financially support the participation of the Burkina Faso first-ever Youth Delegate to the next UN GA 2018.
    Thank you so much!

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards,

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